Designed to breeze through the toughest conditions - wet grasses or fire ant hills - New Holland disc mowers provide nonstop, trouble-free cutting. Available in cutting widths from 2 to over 3.2 metres, you’ll find the machine to match any cutting job and fit any budget.


If you can guarantee unsurpassed harvest quality you’ve already half way to getting lucrative silage and biomass contracts in the bag. Patented HydroLoc™ technology guarantees constant chop length independent of throughput and crop type. Automatic adjustment maintains best-in-class chop quality, and when combined with uniform kernel cracking from the most efficient crop processor around, you’ve got the ingredients for the highest quality cattle and the most profitable power stations.




– Not available



Cutter Bar

  H6730 H6740 H6750 H6830
Cutting width (m) 2.0-2.8  2.0-2.8 2.0-2.8  3.2
Cutting height (mm) 24-82.5 24-82.5 24-82.5 24-82.5
Number of discs (n°) 5 6 7 8
Knives per discs (n°) 2 2 2 2



  H6730 H6740 H6750 H6830
Input speed (rpm) 540 540 540 540
Driveline protection Belt drive to cutter bar Belt drive to cutter bar Belt drive to cutter bar Slip clutch


Max. transport speed

  H6730 H6740 H6750 H6830
Max. transport speed (kph) –    32.2


Dimensions and Weight

  H6730 H6740 H6750 H6830
Overall width (mm) 3524    4070 4616 4978
Weight, operating (kg) 590    662 721 1186

– Not available