Pickett Equipment has been focused on the dry edible bean harvest business for over 40 years. While in its infancy, a new bean harvest innovation was pioneered that united cutting & windrowing into One Step. Fast forward to present day, the One Step Rod Cutter is the standard for pulling beans & reducing field loss.

Numerous university, processors and individual farmer studies have been performed on direct harvest vs. undercutting over the years--all have resulted in a higher seed with direct harvest than with undercutting methods.


The Master Series Combines were introduced to North America in 1998, only to revolutionize the way dry beans are combined. Starting with the Double Master Plus, followed by the high production Twin Master Combine, no other machines compare when it comes to the overall quality and care in threshing bean seed. The design is for Pulses only; therefore, skin checks, splits, cracks and dirt are brought to an absolute minimum. The design also achieves drastic advantages to production capabilities, with the ability to face tougher and more adverse conditions. We are 1st in the field and last out, with more ground covered hour per hour.


The Master Series Combine success is due to its overall simplistic design with fewer moving parts, which translates to lower maintenance costs and less handling of the seed. There is a single, low-impact, threshing and separation process with a vacuum to remove fine particles instead of blowers. Plastic elevator buckets and dumping bin features replace any need for damaging augers. Seed samples are typically glossy, clean and damage free.


We conclude that many producers don’t invest in the specialty equipment, therefore sacrificing yield & quality, with greater maintenance cost for convenience.


Maximum yield multiplied by superior seed quality is our equation for superior harvest equipment.


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