Haybine® mower-conditioners are rated number one in cutting through heavy, down and tangled crops. Smooth, reliable cutting starts with the over-serrated, bolt-on knife sections, adjustable sickle hold-down clips, and square back-bar guards. Haybine headers float laterally and radially, so you’re sure to get all the crop when mowing on uneven terrain.



With a H7150, you can mow on either side of the tractor, make square corners, open fields easily, and center the machine directly behind the tractor for easy transport.


A standard toolbox on the H7150 gives you convenient storage space for tools or spare parts.




– Not available


Cutter Bar

  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Cutting width (mm) 4343  4953  5563
Cutting height (mm) 30 to 157   30 to 157 30 to 157
Sickle speed (spm) 1810  1810  1810


Tractor Hook

  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Tractor hookup (new patented) Tongue-mounted, swiveling pump  Tongue-mounted, swiveling pump  Tongue-mounted, swiveling pump



  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Min. PTO power required [kW/hp(CV)] 52/70   52/70 52/70
Input speed (rpm) 1000   1000 1000


Operating Speed

  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Operating speed (kph) 13 13 13


Max Safe Transport Speed

  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Max safe transport speed (kph) 32 32 32


Dimensions & Weight

  14-foot 16-foot 18-foot
Overall width operating (mm) 4953 5563 6172
Weight (kg) 3096  3196 3332